PeriCoach Kegel App For Smarter Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

Pelvic floor muscles are muscles like in any other part of the body. Exercising them properly restores tone and strength.

PeriCoach combines a pelvic floor training sensor, that you insert and squeeze against, with an app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). It provides guidance through your training session and monitors your progress.


How The PeriCoach Pelvic Floor Exerciser Works

Once the PeriCoach is inserted, the app cues the user to squeeze and relax against the PeriCoach.  The contractions of the muscles are detected displaying activity on the smartphone app and the user portal shows progress overtime, allowing you to see and document your results which may be shared with a clinician.


Expert Insight On Urinary Incontinence And PeriCoach Kegel Device As Your Solution

With every squeeze and muscle lift your PeriCoach app will respond with a movement on screen, in real time. Be supported with our in-app guide as you work your way through our series of exercises designed to improve your strength, endurance and tone.The best part? Seeing your improvement tracked over time and feeling stronger every day.